AVS Error Message:

This message may appear if you try to complete checkout but the card payment fails, most of the time this could be due to putting the wrong billing address, our secure payment method checks the address you give against the address that your card issuer has recorded on your account, if this does not match they will not authorise your payment.

This is done to stop fraudulent use of your card details.


International Shipping.

In most cases international customers can get a specific shipping price for their delivery destination. If you are making an international order you will need to create an account with us and provide a delivery address. At this stage of the checkout process you should be provided with a shipping price. Please note, the shipping prices cannot be estimated for some countries and/or some larger packages, in this case you will need to contact us with the details of the order you wish to place and we will provide a shipping price as soon as we can.

We are now unable to ship orders outside the UK with the Royal mail, rates to countries like the USA, Israel, Ausdtralia, Kazakhstan etc have become too expensive and since Brexit the paperwork involved regarding the collection of overseas VAT has made it impossible for us to offer it. We continue to use Fedex that have an excellent service for our international deliveries.

Frozen Bait:

If you place an order for Frozen bait after 1pm on a Thursday it will not be dispatched until the following Monday, we cant ship frozen bait on a Friday due to it sitting in the couriers warehouse through the weekend. If you require it you can select a Saturday delivery at the checkout stage.

USA & Canada:

We cannot ship any bait products to the US or Canada