CC Moore 

CC Moore are known globally for their perfectly tailored carp baits, designed with one thing in mind, putting fish on the bank! CC Moore bulk boilies deals available from just £6.50 per kg...


  • CC Moore Boilies

    CC Moore bulk boilie deals available from just £6.50 per kg...

  • CC Moore Hookbaits
  • CC Moore Liquids

    Using liquid foods to accelerate and increase the attraction of your bait is perhaps the quickest and simplest way to improve your catch rate. Designed to increase the fish-catching potential of boilies, hookbaits and loose feeds, this collection of proven, concentrated liquid foods forms a range that is world-renowned for its variety, quality and value for money. Apply these liquids to your bait next time you’re out and watch what a difference it makes.

  • CC Moore Particles

    This superb range of ready cooked particles contains highly successful ‘stay fresh’ combinations of nuts, seeds and natural
    products that not only ooze appetite stimulating attractors but are also now PVA friendly and ready to use.

  • CC Moore Bag Mixes

    This superb range of mixes offers a variety of different bait types, all carefully designed to release a fine, soluble attractor
    cloud whilst laying down a carpet of feed inducing particles.

  • CC Moore Pellets

    This comprehensive pellet range supplies a wide variety of top quality products which each offers a highly effective loose feed
    option to suit the angling situation you face, maximising your chances of success in all conditions.

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